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Charge Ahead – New Moon in Aries

Hello friends! If you have been putting things off for another day lately, I got great news for you! These few days after the New Moon in Aries, that was exact on April 5, are great to start working on your projects. The energies of this New Moon fuel drive and initiative and are perfect for all kinds of entrepreneurial activities.

You may be feeling a surge of energy to do everything at once. However, the desire to achieve results too quickly may be hindered by rules and restrictions imposed by the outer world. You may be facing a choice between several different ways to achieve the desired result. Too many approaches to solving a problem may seem overwhelming. But, don’t get discouraged! It is, no doubt, a very productive time! Just make sure to carefully weigh your options, consider all the factors that are out of your control, and create a realistic plan that will get you to your goal! Good luck!

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